Who we are

We offer advice and recommendations of all aspects of work and projects and only the best products are used with good quality workmanship and all work is guaranteed.


Human Capital Resources

MLC Building Electrical and Land Construction has a readily available team of approximately 30 (thirty) multi-skilled personnel, who are trained to work in the services offered by the company to its clients. Our staff and personnel are also geared towards customer satisfaction, and are continually trained to improve their efficiency, and develop their skills.

Job Creation and BEE

As a 100% black-owned and managed company, we are committed to the principle of Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE). We endeavour to source the bulk of our products and service supplies from other small and emerging black owned companies in support of these principles. Our compulsion is in empowering the black youth with employment opportunities, therefore, we will always employ mainly the unemployed, semi-skilled young and the black women and men first in all our work projects. We further strive to recruit final year technical, college and varsity students (TVETs), trained in Built Environment studies, whom we take in for in-service-training for future job opportunities.

Mr Lancelot Musekiwa Chisue is the sole owner and director of the company. He is a visionary and an entrepreneur with business acumen. He has a passion for community development, youth and women, and overall broad based black economic empowerment. His vision and passion led to the establishment and creation of this construction and electrical products and services company. Lance is passionate and has zeal for job creation, training and development of his work force. He believes that people should be groomed to become great at what they do, so that they can create jobs for others in future.

Mr Lancelot Musekiwa Chisue

Managing Director

Mr Matimbura has over 24 years experience in the building industry, he has been exposed to both the commercial and construction environment in Zimbabwe and Botswana, this has equipped him with the skills set required to take our business into the future

Mr A Matimbura

Project Manager


The add value products and services sector are currently a very competitive business environment, with thousands of small to medium companies competing for every available job they can get in the markets. Most of the available work is found in the public as well as state owned entity sectors, particularly for emerging black companies. We endeavour to be a very competitive 100% black owned and managed company, offering top quality, value for money products and services that can compare to any other well established construction companies.