Our Company

MLC Building Electrical and Land Construction is a black owned and managed Emerging Micro Enterprise, owned by an entrepreneur with many years of experience in the building construction and related services industry. Lance Chisue is the 100% shareholder, director and manager of the business. He is committed to job creation, women and youth empowerment. The company is fully compliant with all the industry and regulator required registrations. We are registered with the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB), National Home Builder Regulatory Council (NHBRC), and are a registered with the government’s Central Supply Database (CSD). We are registered with the Compensation Commissioner (COID), we are SHEQ compliant

The company works on simple as well as complex construction projects, which includes demolitions and industrial works. Our target market is wide, we engage with the Public sector (government immovable assets, including office buildings, in municipalities and localities, and government utility assets). We engage with the Private sector (privately owned flats and townhouses, commercial buildings and factories, as well as private homes). We are a versatile company that works on both planned maintenance, as well as reactive maintenance works at any given point.


Our Vision

To be a leader in the sector of building construction and maintenance products and services, delivering on-time and high quality packaged outputs for all our clients in the public, parastatal and private sector industries, our business associates, and for all our joint venture partners.

Our Mission

Creating job opportunities for the unemployed youth and women, training and developing them. such that they themselves become entrepreneurs in future, developing the South African previously disadvantaged through job creation.

Value Proposition

We want to offer unsurpassed building, electrical, maintenance, and construction services that add value for money for our client market; ensuring that we reduce to zero our client’s complaints as well as having a zero tolerance to shoddy and unprofessional works.

Our Values

  •  1. Conducting all our business diligently, transparently and honestly
  • 2. Embracing and practising sound corporate governance principles
  • 3. Embracing world class standards and best practices
  • 4. Managing our company resources, as well as those of our clients and associates with prudency and utmost care
  • 5. Innovativeness and Continuous Improvement.